Comments from Vets and Producers



The Slap-Shot is the best thing to come along since the pistol-grip syringe. 

It solved all of my vaccinating problems and worked just as you advertised.                                                            

George Monk    Bonneville, MO        

Easier, Safer, Less Stressful


I think that safety and ease are the two main benefits of Slap-Shot, particulary with swine.  

They don't have to be confined so tightly.  

It is less stressful

Dr. Richard Bair,   D.V.M.  

Send me four more Slap-Shots!


I gave some to my friends and they won't give them back, they liked them so well.

Many thanks!


Greg Tank   Keene, ND

A must for all hog producers


We use Slap-Shot daily in our confinement.  

It saves injuries to our employees, not to mention broken syringes and needles.


Rick Bergmann   Manitoba, Canada

Change, let’s talk about change


In my opinion it is almost impossible to break off a needle when using a Slap-Shot.    

With this vaccination method  I am trying to affect the person that I have never met 

to ensure he never has to experience a needle in his meat.....ever!

Shane Meyer of Diller, NE 

Nebraska Pork Producers Association President  2012-2013 

This is just about the best way I can even think of.


The sows move around...I just shoot, pull the Slap-Shot out and mark.  I know one thing, I haven't had to replace a needle yet using this method.  

In the past it could take me 4-5 needles just to vaccinate my small herd.  


Greg Wolfe     Indianola, NE


Great product

We love the slapshot for vaccinating and give other meds to our pigs when needed.
Review by Coopsgirl
Posted on12/7/17 

This is the greatest thing ever invented!

This is a no hassle and easy way to administer large swine any meds
Review by Bryan WV
Posted on6/1/17 

Use these all the time

 Never give a shot to a hog without one!
Review by Alley Farms
Posted on1/15/17

Love it

Using the slap shot for vaccinating our hogs is much easier.. you don't have to worry about bent needles or them pulling it out and having to restock them again.. we love it..
Review by JC
Posted on10/10/16 

Get one NOW!

This has saved us so much aggravation! No more broken/bent needles or wasted medication. No more guessing how much made it into the animal and how much was squirted in your partner's eye Works great, every time! I will never vaccinate hogs again without this!!
Review by Diamond N Farm
Posted on4/19/16 

Best way to vaccinate your hog!

Love the ease of the slap shot. Perfect for the small time hog farmer and 4-H kid!
Review by kampossible
Posted on4/12/15